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How To Care For Your Cultured Marble, Cultured Granite, & Cultured Onyx Products


We recommend polishing cultured marble once a year with a cultured marble polish. It’s a cleaner/polish that cleans and waxes all in one. Throughout the rest of the year, all you’ll need to do is wipe it down. No chemicals are required to keep cultured marble clean, so the only thing you need to clean cultured marble is a little soap and water.

You may also need a squirt of window cleaner, but that’s it. And the best part is, you will no longer have to clean that grout. If you have a shower manufactured from cultured marble, then all you’ll need to do is use a squeegee after you take a shower and then wipe the area down with a window cleaner. In fact, abrasive materials are harmful to cultured marble. Hard deposits that collect on a bathroom wall or shower tray can be dissolved with vinegar.

Avoid exposure to strong chemicals. If strong chemicals/cleaners containing methylene chloride, acetone (nail polish remover), or acid drain cleaners come in contact with your vanity top or bowl, quickly flush surface with plenty of warm, soapy water.

Even though most surfaces are non-porous, contact with hair dye has been known to stain light-colored tops. Cleaners with bleach may counteract the stain, but are not recommended for general cleaning.

Cleaning Tops

Most tops can be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge using general purpose cleaners.

The surface may need occasional polishing to maintain its appearance. This is especially true of dark colors. Be sure to use the recommended products we suggest to polish your stone. Follow instructions carefully as build up of polish will cause tops to look dull.

Removing light stains and scratches:

1. Use a green or silver Scotch-Brite™ pad to remove scratch.
2. Dry and polish top using a solid surface cleaner/polish over the entire top.

Repairing incidental scratches and stains:
1. Use water and 280 or 320 grit, wet/dry sand paper to gently sand the affected area until smooth. Depending on depth of scratch, it may be necessary to use a flat sanding block to prevent sanding to an uneven surface.

2. Dry and polish top using a solid surface cleaner/polish over the entire top.

Repairing incidental scratches and stains:

1. The surface is highly impact resistant; however, heavy or pointed objects striking the surface can leave damage. If repair of this damage cannot be accomplished using the above steps, contact your dealer for further information and options

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